About us

The Cross Government Women’s Network is a group to share knowledge and experience of running Women’s/ Part Time or Gender Networks. Our members include network leads from Government Departments and Agencies. We meet face to face on a quarterly basis, through a half day workshop. We host monthly best practice telecons on topics determined by network leads. For example, best practice running local events.

Cross Government Women’s Network Co-Chairs

Keela Shackell
Keela Shackell-Smith

Keela has been the co-lead of the Environment Agency Women’s Network since it started in 2010. Keela was previously Head of the LGBT Network, so lives and breaths diversity networks. Keela’s favourite slogan is ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’, we need to share learning with network leads.

Eleanor Binks works in the Civil Service Diversity and Inclusion Team as the gender lead.

Steering Group

The Cross Government Women’s Network Steering Group set the annual action plan and lead work packages within the plan.